Careers It’s our goal to be elemental to the success of our clients, but it’s the human element that allows us to be successful.
At Wyrick Robbins, we take our work seriously, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously.  Like other successful law firms, we work hard every day to achieve the results our clients expect, but we also offer things not often expected at a law firm with a sophisticated practice. 

It starts with our culture.  While lots of places talk about their culture, we actively work to maintain ours.  Everyone is on a first-name basis and out-sized egos are checked at the door.  Teamwork is more than a goal or a catchphrase.  It’s a reality for each member of the firm.  We find that valuing teamwork leads to success, both for ourselves and for our clients. 

Not that we don’t compete externally, whether in the courtroom, the market place or even in sports. Our softball team enjoys its regular spot at the top of the Raleigh law firm league and we play a mean game of kickball or pick-up basketball.  And we all cheer on our favorite college basketball team as we gather in one of our conference rooms to share pizza and trade barbs while watching the ACC and NCAA tournaments.   

We also understand that to remain content at work, balance is important.  In addition to regular paid holidays and personal time off, staff members get their birthdays off, and flexible scheduling allows people to make sure they make it to important events outside of the office.  Firm-wide health and well-being are a priority.  In 2011, we launched a wellness program to encourage health lifestyles of our attorneys and professional staff.  And plenty of people here have interesting outside hobbies, whether it be blogging about local cuisine, raising goats, coaching soccer, playing in bands, participating in book clubs, climbing mountains, or traveling the world. 

Our firm truly offers a unique opportunity.  If you’d like to work in a successful law firm with a sophisticated practice and a supportive environment, then please read on.