Employment Law Newsletter: Ten Pervasive Employment Law Myths


Monday, March 21, 2011

The Wyrick Robbins Employment Law Group has released the Winter 2011 issue of The Resource: A Legal Newsletter for Employers & Human Resource Professionals.

Employment law today is a confusing jumble of state-specific, judge-made case law (or “common law”) overlaid with local, state and federal statutes and regulations. These laws govern matters such as hiring and firing, wages and working hours, discrimination and employee rights. State employment laws can vary widely from state to state. And all of these laws are subject to periodic change based on evolving public policies and changes in Congress and state legislative bodies.

Out of this dynamic mix of state and federal law have developed many widespread myths about the respective rights and responsibilities arising out of the employment relationship. Employees and employers alike will often base their actions on misconceptions about the law and how it applies to them. Therefore, employers would do well to recognize these myths and be prepared to correct any misunderstandings about the various employment laws.

This issue of The Resource points out some of these employment law myths and provides an explanation of the actual, current applicable law.