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Appellate Litigation


With a dedicated team focused on appellate litigation, our Appellate Litigation practice group represents individuals and businesses in all types of appeals, including corporate, family law, estates, torts, healthcare, contracts, and administrative cases. Our approach combines solid research, creative thinking, and strong written and oral advocacy to create compelling arguments to best position our clients for success in the appellate courts.

Our team consists of experienced appellate litigators, all of whom were mentored by the late former North Carolina Court of Appeals Judge K. Edward Greene who founded the Wyrick Robbins Appellate Litigation practice group.

Utilizing a team approach to maximize effectiveness and efficiency, the Appellate Litigation practice group provides full-service appellate litigation, including:

  • appellate representation from notice of appeal through the highest state and federal appellate courts, including appeals from administrative agencies to the trial courts;
  • trial-level appearances to prosecute or defend post-trial motions to enforce judgments pending appeal and to assist in the application of appellate rulings after appeal;
  • collaboration with trial counsel on preserving issues for appellate review during trial and on appellate strategy during an appeal; and
  • settlement negotiations after entry of judgment and during appeal, including appellate court mediation.

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