Wyrick Robbins Attorneys reach $1.18M Settlement in Mold Exposure Suit

Press Releases

Wyrick Robbins attorneys, Benjamin N. ThompsonGrady L. Shields and Lee M. Whitman reached a $1.18 Million Settlement in a suit brought against a contractor for negligent construction and personal injuries caused by exposure to toxic mold.

The plaintiff owned a car dealership in Moore County. Following renovations by a contractor, the dealership suffered numerous leaks which led to the growth of mold in the exterior walls, under the carpet, in the drywall, and around the windows of the plaintiff’s office. Once the plaintiff had begun working in the newly renovated building, he began to suffer from severe allergy symptoms, coughing, breathing difficulties, and headaches. The plaintiff attempted to get the contractor to fix the leaks, but repeated visits and repairs by the builder did not solve the problem. The mold was not discovered until three years after the construction was completed when, at a doctor’s suggestion, the plaintiff requested that the contractor drill a hole in the wall and check for mold. By that time, the plaintiff’s health had deteriorated. He was eventually diagnosed with hypersensitivity pneumonitis, chronic asthma, mild cognitive impairment, and neurological deficits. He suffered further problems due to the long-term use of steroids to mitigate his breathing difficulties. The case was settled for $180,000 in repairs and new construction at the car dealership and $1,000,000 cash.

See the Oct. 23rd issue of North Carolina Lawyers Weekly for details of the case.