Wyrick Robbins Releases Results of 100-Company Executive Compensation Survey

Press Releases

 Wyrick Robbins Yates & Ponton LLP, a leading provider of legal services to growth-oriented businesses of all sizes, has announced the release of its 2009 North Carolina executive compensation survey of 100 North Carolina companies.

Survey responses were gathered by Strategic HR Solutions, LLC for Wyrick Robbins during the period from February to April 2009. Data was compiled from on-line survey respondents and from publicly-available sources. The survey focuses on company demographics and four C-level positions from 44 private companies and 56 public companies.

Raw data collected from the survey will be maintained confidentially by Strategic HR Solutions. A complete report of survey results is being provided to companies that submitted data online and will be available to Wyrick Robbins’ clients. The full survey report includes the sorting of data by various factors, including by industry and revenue. An executive summary of the survey results is available for download.

“We are pleased to be able to release the most robust executive compensation survey available for North Carolina companies,” said Diane Tindall, leader of Wyrick Robbins’ Employment Law Practice Group. “While most compensation surveys only include cash compensation, the Wyrick Robbins survey also includes information on equity compensation and other terms and conditions of employment,” Tindall elaborated. “The inclusion of this additional information makes this survey a unique and practical tool for determining employment practices in the North Carolina market.”

For more information about the Wyrick Robbins 2009 North Carolina executive compensation survey, please contact Diane Tindall at (919) 781-4000 or