Alexander Muñoz

Director of Information Technology

As Director of Information Technology, Alex brings over two decades of experience to spearhead his organization’s technological initiatives. His leadership is characterized by a deep commitment to innovation, security, and operational excellence, guiding his team through the complexities of the digital age. Alex’s forward-thinking approach and dedication to professional growth are instrumental in driving the organization’s IT strategy and safeguarding its digital infrastructure.

Alex holds a Master of Science in Cybersecurity and Information Assurance and a Bachelor of Science in Software Development from Western Governors University, Salt Lake City, UT. His education is complemented by a comprehensive suite of certifications, including the prestigious CISSP, showcasing his commitment to the highest standards of cybersecurity practice.

 His military background as a Signal Support Systems Specialist in the U.S. Army School of IT enhances his strategic approach to IT leadership and cybersecurity. Alex’s extensive experience and strategic vision position him as an asset to the organization, driving technological advancement and ensuring robust security measures.