Top Posts from NCBA Litigation Section Blog

Commercial Litigation

Four Wyrick Robbins attorneys contributed to 2020’s Top 10 posts on the North Carolina Bar Association’s Litigation Section Blog. While COVID-19 dominated the news, other top-read articles included a lesson in settlement agreements and a warning on cell phone settings and e-discovery.

#2 A New Chief Justice Beasley Order, Session Law 2020-3, and the Court Wants Your Help! co-written by PJ Puryear

#3 When Is A Settlement Agreement A Final Settlement Agreement? by Charles George

#4 Update on Closures, Extensions, and Staying at Home – COVID-19 co-written by PJ Puryear

#6 New Order Closes State Courts Through May 1 (if not June 1) For Most Business by Kevin Stanfield and PJ Puryear

#8 E-Discovery Pitfalls: Cell Phone Retention Settings Can Lead to Sanctions for Spoliation of Evidence by Blakely Kiefer

#10 New COVID-19 Orders from Chief Justice Beasley on Civil Court Operations by PJ Puryear