Wyrick Robbins – Durham Office Announcement

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RALEIGH, NC – Wyrick Robbins Yates & Ponton LLP is pleased to announce the opening of our new Wyrick Robbins office on the American Tobacco Campus in Durham, NC.

The Wyrick Robbins’ ATC office is designed to bring an entire suite of legal services to the entrepreneurs and emerging growth companies that occupy the campus. Attorneys from multiple practice areas, including company formation, growth financing, and IP commercialization, will be available on a consistent basis.

The office will operate with an open door policy encouraging clients, friends and neighbors to come by any time with questions or legal needs. “As the first law firm to open on campus, we hope that the ATC entrepreneurial community will embrace the idea, provide valuable feedback and help us develop and refine a concept that best serves the ongoing needs of the community,” said Chris Lynch, partner and manager of the ATC office.

Adam Klein, Chief Strategist for the American Underground, commented “We are excited to have Wyrick Robbins join our vibrant community of more than 100 entrepreneurs, investors and emerging industry leaders, and we are particularly pleased that they viewed the American Tobacco Campus as the most logical and exciting location to establish their presence in Durham.”

Located in Bay 12 of the Washington Building (accessed through Bay 11), the Wyrick Robbins ATC office will feature offices for its attorneys as well as a conference room, wifi and other amenities available to clients and friends.

About Wyrick Robbins

Wyrick Robbins is an entrepreneurial law firm with a focus on growth-oriented businesses. The firm handles financial and corporate transactions and commercial litigation as well as other legal needs of dynamic companies. In addition, Wyrick Robbins attorneys serve as trusted advisors to founders, investors, directors, and management.

About The American Underground

The American Underground is a close knit network of three hubs in North Carolina’s world famous Research Triangle Park and is home to some of the most influential and instrumental startups, incubators and thought leaders in the Southeast. Access to The American Underground gives high-growth companies the flexible office space and business connections necessary to reach and exceed their goals.