Law Student/Summer Program

Our Summer Program provides law students with an opportunity to experience firsthand how we solve legal problems, accomplish tasks, and serve clients. Our summer program combines hands-on work with opportunities to observe our attorneys in action, in client meetings, in negotiations, and in court.

Each summer associate’s summer program is customized, in collaboration with his or her mentors, to reflect his or her particular interests in various practice areas of the firm. Some choose a narrow focus in a single area, such as corporate transactional, commercial litigation, or privacy and data security. Others choose a broader variety, using the summer program as an opportunity to explore various areas of the law. Our ultimate goal is to provide an experience that mirrors that of a first-year associate. Our projects do not come from a notebook of planned projects and obscure research questions—they come straight from our current work, in real-time, with real deadlines, and for real clients.

One of our philosophies at Wyrick Robbins is that all of our associates are expected to work on the front lines with regular client contact.  That same philosophy holds true for our summer associates.  We want our summer associates to meet clients and get a full picture of what we do on a day-to-day basis.  Neither our summer associates nor our associates will be spending the bulk of their time researching in the library, digging through boxes of due diligence, or organizing discovery requests.  Yes, those tasks will occur from time to time, but your summer, and possibly your future career at Wyrick Robbins, will not be limited by some fixed hierarchy of tasks or roles.

We know feedback is vital to your development.  Our goal is to provide prompt feedback on each summer associate’s progress and success in meeting expectations and accomplishing tasks.

Finally, we also sponsor social outings throughout the summer so that our summer associates can get to know our attorneys, and vice versa, on a more casual and personal level.

If you have a strong academic background and record of accomplishment and would like to consider career opportunities at Wyrick Robbins, please submit a cover letter, resume, and a copy of your most recent transcript to